Arizona, April 6th, 1989, Jolene knows that she has to leave home, to get away from the poverty, her alcoholic mother and find her little brother; Donny Jones, missing since 1984. Naive, and innocent, Jolene finds herself thrust headfirst into the city that never sleeps; Las Vegas, which seems to want nothing more than to chew her up and spit her right back to the Trailer Park. She is desperate to leave her troubled life behind her, but these things have a way of catching up on us all…

Las Vegas, New Years Eve, 1991, Ex marine Jack thought that when he left his upper class life in South Carolina that things would be smooth sailing, but he’s quickly discovering that things are always quite easy. Stuck in a dead end job with a girlfriend who seems to hate his guts, Jack doesn’t know whether it’s better to follow his dreams of being a successful musician or to give up on it all and slink back home to the south. Maybe everything he needs is in the place he least expects…

I recommend that you be 15 years + to read

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